Janus R. Nielsen

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MYMobileSecurity sold!

MYMobileSecurity, MMS, a company I founded in 2009 has been sold to MGS Corporation Plc.

I am very proud of what we have achieved with MYMobileSecurity over the past years. In an extremely competitive and explosively growing marked, we have managed to become one of the recognized worldwide leaders in Mobile and Smartphone security. At peak times we got more than 100.000 new users per week and have all in all approx. 10.000.000 users. We have received lots of "Best in test" awards with our first product MYAndroidProtection. We have signed contracts with some of Europe's largest mobile operators and manage to make MYMobileSecurity a fast growing and profitable company. We have also managed to position ourselves as mobile security experts and have over the past couple of years participated and been quoted in TV shows and interviews about mobile Security. See more: www.janusnielsen.com.

But we have also realized that the fact that it is a fast growing marked with huge expectations it require even more. Some of the big traditional PC and Internet security players are now beginning to invest huge amounts of money in becoming one of the leaders. Despite the fact that we are growing, profitable and with no debtors it is not enough. We need external investors to keep growing and even more important not see all our competitors grow faster than us and take our spot among the leaders. So over the past year we have been through a process and exploring our opportunities. Either we took in external investors or we found a buyer which was bigger and stronger financially that us. We have now found MGS, which is led by Mobile veterans with lots of success and many big companies behind them. They have lots of funds backing them and a fantastic net of partners and contacts. Their focus is various Mobile Gaming Solutions like lottery and other games. By merging MMS with MGS we believe we have secure MMS and our products for future growth.

We have negotiated for quite a while and we are very happy with the sale and the price. MGS will buy 100% of the shares in MMS. And that also mean that I will be 100% out of MMS. The two other co-founders Kevin Freij and Jonas Borgh will continue in MGS and get the worldwide responsibility for growing the MMS product range further. I have never been very operational, my responsibility was mostly in being the bridge between MYSecurityCenter and MYMobileSecurity staff, strategies and systems as well as talking to the press about results and future strategies.

I must say that MMS has been a great experience and I am proud of our achievements in a sector where we had little experience when we started.

I have lots of other activities at the moment. My first company MYSecurityCenter, www.mysecuritycenter.com, is in a great position with more than 300% growth over the past 12 month. The newest company www.klartsyn.dk, which I have started with e.g. Casper Blom, one of the most promising entrepreneurs in Denmark is also flying. In less than a year we have become one of the fastest growing shops for glasses in Denmark, online as well as traditional!

I also use lots of time with a huge and very promising charity project www.charityantivirus.com. We will be giving the best Antivirus technology in the world away for free, but hope the users will pay for it as well. We will donate 100% of our profit to various children's charities. We are working closely together with Danish and Liverpool footballer Daniel Agger and his foundation www.theaggerfoundation.org as an official ambassador.

So all in all there is plenty to do, I must say.

Have a great summer!